League Makes Contingency Plans for Further Lockdown

Posted by East Lothian Clubs Winter League on Oct 20 2020 at 02:47AM PDT in 1993-94

With Coronavirus cases on the increase up and down the country, the League has had to address the concern that a further lockdown at some point over the winter season could interrupt the match schedule.
Thankfully the threat of a “Circuit Breaker” lockdown in October seems not to have materialised, golf in groups of four remains permitted, and heavy travel restrictions have not at this point been re-introduced.
Nevertheless, the Competitions Committee is standing by to introduce a ‘restricted’ match schedule at any time that might become necessary – subject to the constraint that each team in a division will play against each other team, and that the balance of home and away matches will be fair.
If it does become necessary to shorten the season, the Comps Committee reserves the right to limit promotion and relegation to one team, with a play-off between the second placed team in Div 2 and the second bottom team in Div 1 remaining a possibility.
Any action that does become necessary would be quickly communicated to all match managers.


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