League Fixtures Reduced following Extended Lockdown

Posted by East Lothian Clubs Winter League on Feb 11 2021 at 06:25AM PST in 1993-94

With the Scottish Government’s announcement that lockdown is to be extended AT LEAST until the end of February, league officials were forced to accept that the schedule of fixtures cannot now be completed in the remaining timescale before the end of March.
Therefore, on 11 February, the Competitions Committee announced the fixture list would “drop back” to the contingency arrangement put in place before the season started – a schedule in which each team will play each other team in it’s Division ONCE ONLY (instead of home and away).
The move has meant that a number of matches which have already been played, will not now count towards the league table. It also means that just twelve matches remain in the schedule – a number the Committee hopes can be played in March.
At least, under the shortened schedule, each team will have played an equal number of Home and Away matches by the end of the season, resulting in league tables that might be considered a fairer reflection of each team’s performance over the season.
But all this depends on golf (in groups of 4 players) being allowed once again in March. If that doesn’t happen the Committee will need to think again..


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